What's your Super PI score????

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Jan 2, 2001
16 seconds???? were talkin superpi with 1m, 16sec is faster then a pentium m @ 3.7ghz or P4 at 7.2ghz
Aaaaaaaa' right..

16 seconds.. to download superpi.

So.. I got 37 seconds anyway.

On my 3000+ OCed at 2.3 GHz on an asrock 939 dual SATA2 motherboard. I could run it higher, but rather keep the cool and quiet functionnal.. It crap out at something higher that 260 MHz"fsb"

but from what I see, doing 35 or 36 is well possible here.

Not too bad for a 90$CAN motherboard and 130$CAN cpu..

So, adding the cost of your CPU and motherboard and divide it by your score, what is your $ for second ratio? mine is 5.95$can (5.19US, with universal currency converter(google in case some would ask))
28 SECONDS ON MY CYRIX M2 PR333@300/100 WOOTZ!!!!!!

oh yeah forgot to add the other 10 minutes with it lol

thought i might assemble some old crap system with my old crap lieing round here.

the cpu package is absolutly burning (i removed the heat spreader - its an aliminium plate) - now this is a stone age oven.

Specs: IBM ver M2 PR333GP (250/83, 2.9v) @ 300/100, 3.2v with a Gigabyte GA5AA (ALi AladdinV), 64mb PC100 CL2, nVidia Riva TNT2 M64 32mb - thats one rockin system.
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