Question WHEA issue

Mar 26, 2019
Hello, I've been having issues with a WHEA-Uncorretable_Error. I've been thoroughly trying to narrow down the issue and I cannot seem to figure it out. I've attempted to try and get into safe mode, but my computer locks up before it can safely even get to the screen.
I've tried booting with different ram sticks, booting without my GPU, reseatting everything. The computer simply blue screens before it can even fully start up windows in the log-in screen.
I've never had issues with this until now.

My build:
CPU: i7 8700k
Cooler: H100i Pro
Motherboard: Gigabyte Z370 Gaming 7
Intel Optane 32gb(came with motherboard)
RAM: TridentZ RGB 3000Mhz
GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1070ti
Bootdrive: Plextor 256gb SSD
Hardrive: Hitachi 2TB
PSU: EVGA Supernova G2 550W

I am running at stock configuration, no overclocking save the XMP profile for the memory

I'm starting to think it possibly could be directly the SSD? Because the intervals which it bluescreens is completely random. Sometimes it'll be instant, sometimes I can get to the log-in screen, rarely I can fully boot into windows to even pull the logs.
I'm clueless right now and my stress is getting the better of me and distracting.