Question whea_uncorrectable_error


Mar 28, 2015
Hi so I’ve had this pc since Jan 2016. pretty much was just playing csgo and i got this error. After doing research, i found that this is most likely a cpu error. First I restarted my pc and got the error after a few minutes, then i would get the error before windows even loaded up to my desktop. I ended up resetting my cpu oc to 3.5 ghz. My bios settings said it was on 4.2 from an oc profile my brother made in 2016 (however my my task manager said i was getting 5.0 ghz (?)) I had this preset on since Jan 2016 and never had any problems. Now I was able to boot windows 1 time and upload the dumps. However as soon as i launched my game my pc crashed again, same message (posting this from my phone). Now I am in the same situation where my pc crashes before I even load up my desktop. What is the issue here?
Specs: psu: Corsair cx750m cpu: i5 6600k gpu: zotak 1080 ti mini mobo: msi z170 pc mate cooler: corsair h80i v2 16 gb ram
here are the dumps:
EDIT#1: So upon resetting my mobo to default, I’ve noticed when my pc crashes the DRAM light on my mobo lights up red. Is this a ram issue?
EDIT#2: Took out 1 ram stick, booted up to a black screen. Replaced it and i was able to boot but I got the same original error.

PC Tailor

I would usually take and debug the dump files, but at this occasion I won't unless it seems necessary later.
WHEA is pretty much a hardware error. You say you have been running an OC since 2016?
  • Have you completely reset your BIOS back to defaults?
  • Have you tried one stick of RAM only, but in different slots also?
  • Have you monitored CPU and GPU temps?