Question When can the wide availability of DDR5 be expected?

Jun 14, 2021
How long do you think it will be until we see CPUs and mobos supporting DDR5, and DDR5 on the shelves?
Are we talking years?

Math Geek

it is usually a couple years after we see the first reports of the new standard being tested. so yah at least 18 months but probably more with the way everything is working right now.

i'd not even worry about that right now as you'll be on a new build by then even if you build now. :)


Isn't Intel supposed to be coming out with DDR5 support this year? The RAM is starting to get sold this year at least. So next year I expect DDR5 to be everywhere.
There is NO WAY AMD is releasing a new platform that runs DDR5 and no DDR5 available on the market.


Alder Lake will adopt DDR 5, that's slated for the end of this year. We'll see what happens but as of right now, it doesn't seem too far off. Fingers crossed Intel's 10nm pans out and is a lot more power efficient and water cooling isn't necessary for high end skus for those that want to remain on air.

The speeds DDR 5 is said to capable of, be very interesting to see how fast and how much of an impact it has. Probably wont see 7000MHz+ for awhile but that's just my guess, it could be middle of next year or sooner. Optimistically having my fingers crossed 🙂

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