[SOLVED] When do pcs break/ when will mine break?


Aug 28, 2020
So I have a PC and it's my brother's old one and it is coming to ten years old.
My question is will it break in the tenth year or can it last much longer than ten years when my brother gave it to me he said not to worry about it breaking and he still says it.
So can someone tell me when it will break or is it near breaking or do I don't have to worry?
I don't know much about PCS by the way.
A PC can "break" the day it's built or it may outlast it's usefulness (you'll recycle it and build a new one before it breaks). There's no way of saying it will last X number of years.

-Wolf sends

Math Geek

any pc can run just about forever or break tomorrow. there is no way to tell how long you're specific system can/will last.

i currently have a 13 yr old system still running strong in daily use. i've also had 2 yr old systems die on me. you never know.

best thing you can do is take care of it and hope it takes care of you for a long time :)