Question When fps set above 60, Ping goes crazy. Help!

May 6, 2022
I've been having this issue for months now and idk what to do in order to fix it. When I cap my fps to 60 in let's say Valorant, I get 29 - 60 ping. When I start capping it to 120 or turning off the fps limitation, ping starts to go wild, a lot of teleporting back and forth, unstable ping reaching 500+ ping. Same goes to games like Fortnite, capping to 60 fps gives me about 60 - 120 ping (My normal ping) but when I cap it or switch to a higher fps, like Valorant, ping goes crazy! Insane amount of packet loss and ping spiking to 1k.

I've looked up everywhere to find for solutions and nothing seems to work, so if you guys have some ideas on how to fix this, I will appreciate it so much!

I have an i5 4570, gtx 1050ti, 12gb with all in the latest drivers. Am also using windows 10 Pro.


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

We're going to need a little more information. Please list the specs to your build like so:

As for your OS, since you've stated Windows 10, please mention the version(not edition) of the OS. BISO version for your motherboard? Include the age of the PSU as well.
Are you sure it is actual ping spikes and packet loss. Are you getting this information from the game or are you using a ping command.

Games lie about this all the time. A common example would be the game was really busy processing a video frame and didn't check to see if there is a response to the ping in the buffer. When it finally looks it then blames this extra time on the network.

The video setting should have no impact at all on the network. The video data does not pass over the network. The sever is not sending you the detailed screen data this is all coming off local data files and being calculated by the video card.

Now if you are using a ping command in a background cmd window then I would suspect the game is really over utilizing something in your machine. I would see if it affects any other device. Try to ping say from another device and see if when the game reports issues the other machine is affected. If it affects multiple machines then it is a actual network problem.