[SOLVED] When i boot my pc. Motherboard and gpu ports don't work.

Apr 7, 2022
So this happened recently. In the morning everything was fine, but in the evening my pc starts all the fans spin, but pc doesn't boot none of the ports work. I tried removing the CMOS battery, tried to switching the ram slots. But when i changed my gpu to a older gt 610 everything just worked.

Cpu: Intel core i5 10400f
Mob: gigabyte h410m s2
Ram: Crucial 1x16gb 3200mhz
Gpu: xfx rx570 8gb
Psu: gigabyte p450b
Ssd: wd green 480gb
Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Psu: gigabyte p450b
Might want to source a PSU that has at least 550W of power for the entire system and is from a reliable brand, see if that helps powerup your system.