Question When I boot, PC stays on windows logo and spinning circle for 10 minutes before finally booting


Oct 3, 2014
So the other day I pulled out the power cable of one of my 3 hard drives to plug into a different hard drive, now this is where everything went wrong. I have my windows 10 installed on an SSD. and suddenly my computer couldn't find my windows? so I continued pissing around for about an hour before it finally found my windows again. No idea what I did, it just started working again, but I could only get it to boot in safe mode. after more pissing around and updating windows now my computer can boot without safe mode. But it stays on the windows logo and spinning circle for a very long time 5-10 minutes before finally booting to the log in screen. I have absolutely no clue what has gone wrong. All I did was unplug some power and then put it back in? why has this caused so many issues. Any ideas?



windows 10, be default, isn't off when you turn it off. its in a hibernate state, so unplugging drives while it still has that power running through it could be a problem, and causes all sorts of fun bugs.

Sounds to me that when you originally installed win 10, the other hdd was attached and windows put the win 10 boot sector in that drive Now you may have a new one on ssd now, but bios could still be trying to boot off drive you removed, and sits there are startup waiting for it to respond, before moving onto next drive.

can you right click start
choose desk management
take a screenshot showing all the drives and all the details of the top section
upload screenshot to a image sharing website and share link here.

Try this
on the login screen
click the power button
while holding shift, click the restart button
this restarts PC in windows recovery
choose troubleshoot
choose advanced
choose start up repair - this will scan PC and maybe fix this - will ask for logon info

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