When i hook up my ethernet cable to my computer i get a message displaying limit


Jan 15, 2013
my ethernet cable comes in from the tower and has its own power supply and plugs directly into my computer . i get a limited connectivity message but my icons show that i have a connection. internet explorer displays it can't show this page . on status page it shows that i am sending but not receiving packets.when i hook it up at a friends it works fine . my computer is a compaq presario 1530 windows xp sp2 2.93 ghz cpu realtek fast ethernet nic. my question is , how do i go about fixing this problem? is it my service providers fault or my computers fault ?


Jul 7, 2009
You could have your network card set with a static IP address, or your modem/router does not have DHCP enabled. When you see this yellow exclamation mark/limited connectivity,

Open a command prompt (start, Run, "CMD" enter)
then type in "ipconfig"

If you have an autoconfiguration address starting with 169.XXX.XXX.XXX your device is not sending out an address, if you have an IP specified, check to make sure its not static in the network adapter properties