Question When i install gpu driver my screen goes black

Aug 10, 2020
First of all, English is not my native language so I'm sorry if I make any spelling mistakes or if I make it difficult for you to understand.

My computer, which has been running smoothly for years, suddenly failed because of swtor(star wars the old republic) I downloaded and installed SWTOR, and then as soon as I hit play, my screen went black and I saw out of range error I didn't panic because something like this has happened to me before. When I tried to install the old game my screen occasionally gave this error I was simply closing the game and correcting the resolution using nvidia experience but no matter what I do this time, the game is not closed I've tried every shortcut I know but none of it worked, so I turned my computer off as a last resort. I heard windows closing sound, my computer was shut down without any problems but things changed when I tried to turn on my computer after the bios screen and the Windows icon have passed, my screen is black and has an out of range error

I tried for the solution;

-Under the safe mode boot option there was a low res.(640x480) launch option I tried it but it didn't work still out of range
-I ran it in safe mode to change resolution but the resolution was stuck at 800x600
-I tried msconfig > Low resolution video but didn't work still out of range
-Then I stopped the gpu driver in safe mode and I was able to start it normally, I tried to fix the resolution immediately but it was stuck at 800x600 again.
-I thought the problem was in the driver (the driver was not updated for 9-10 months) I downloaded ddu, and uninstalled the driver in safe mode cleanly and reinstalled it in normal mode as soon as it was installed, the screen goes black again and out of range again
-Since I cannot install the nvidia driver, I said I would install and use the intel hd graphic, but while trying to install it, I got an error like "the system did not meet the required features".
-After that, I had to reinstall windows unintentionally. I was using w7, my friends said it would fix in w10 so I installed w10 but the screen was stuck at 800x600 there was no other res. option and as soon as the driver was installed the screen was going black. The only change, there is no more out of range error just an empty black screen
-Removed the graphics card and plug in again
-I updated the bios
-I tried a lot of other things that I couldn't think of, but there was no fix

--I tried another monitor but the result was the same
(i tried with same dvi cable on both monitors because two monitors only had vga and dvi inputs)

(I ordered a couple of converters in case it solves my problem but it will take a few days to arrive) (like dvi to hdmi - dvi to display port)

Asus B150m Pro Gaming Motherboard
i5 6500 CPU
Zotac GTX 1060 AMP! Edition GPU
16GB Corsair RAM
Corsair VS550 80+ PSU