when i play games i have problems


Dec 24, 2005
i think my cpu might ho to high

because in evry game i play i get fps drops.
my system specs :Intel Pentium 4 3.4 gh HT dual core
512 ddr ram
Geforce 6600 256 agp
gigabyte mobo

i get these drops like evry 5 mins, or less been trying to fix this for a while now.
havent yet worked
so maybe u guys here can help me
Urm, currently there is no such thing as a P4 3.4ghz dual core, but HT (hyperthreading) - yes that acts like 2 cores/processors but in reality its only 1 core + 1 virtual thread and helps xp multitask.

What core is your processor - Prescott or Northwood?

And what do you mean by frames being droped? And in what game?

If its a prescott then check your cooling and temps (clean the dust out of the and if your not using the stock thermal interface mat replace the thermal paste with some arctic silver v), oh and how many case fans do you have?

BTW 512mb is concidered bare minimum for todays system and heavy games.


Dec 24, 2005
What core is your processor - Prescott or Northwood? its a Presscott

And what do you mean by frames being droped? And in what game? FPS (frames per second) in EVERY game i get this.

first i get a stable FPS like in counterstrike(6 years old game) i get 100 fps(which is the maximum u can have) but evry few seconds/mins i get fps drops from 100 down to 30-40 . i have this since a month now before i didt have this at all.
+my computer is only like 3 months old(well thats how long i have it)
i can run call of duty 2 at 91 fps but it also drops down to 15-30 fps
i have these drops in evry single game, i never had it before.

i dont know what a fan is and what it looks like.
and i think iam using the stock thermal interface because i never changed anything but my videocard in the computer( i had these drops before i put in the new videocard thats why i bought the new card)

and i also i have a weird flash in top left of my screen(which started yesterday)

thnx for your reply, i hope this is enouugh info to understand what wrong with my computer.

i dont know where i can check my temp's

The Intel P4 Prescotts are known for really high temps (and heat output) and with it comes throttling where the processor gets too hot for the heatsink and fan to cool and instead of shutting down or overheating it sort of slows the cpu down (well actually it "skips cycles" and knocks back the speeds) - id say thats your problem.

The causes could be insufficient case ventilation (even 2 fans, one sucking in and one blowing out wont do it), An inadequate HSF or dusty hsf or just hot room temperatures.

To double check that run a game for a while and when u notice it slowing down exit the game and restart your computer and enter the bios and in there somewhere there should be a hardware monitoring section and should list CPU and Case temps - post what there at, or alternativly you could download MBM (motherboard monitor) and check the temps in windows.

Otherwise theres throttle watch which actually detects the throttling, give it a shot, remember to trigger it off by doing something cpu intensive.

BTW if you dont know what a fan looks like there everythere in your system - the power supply has one at the back (usually) and your video card and definitly your cpu - they blow air onto hot spots or move air around.

http://mbm.livewiredev.com/ - MBM (Motherboard Monitor)
http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/printpage/104 - More details on Throttling and a program to detect it


Dec 24, 2005
The causes could be insufficient case ventilation (even 2 fans, one sucking in and one blowing out wont do it), An inadequate HSF or dusty hsf or just hot room temperatures.

yes i took the case off and started my comp entered a game and no problems at all, played for about 90 mins without any fps drop.

didnt check the temps yet since i havent played without any problems for about a month now so i liked playing:p

i will put the case on in a bit and then check bios temp.

oh and i have 2 fans i think, a very big one and one on the videocard
they used to work fine never had problems so thats a bit confusing:S

anyway i think i should get better cooling for my compuyter then since there isnt any problem when the case if off?

thank u for your time man

i check card temp tho, it went from 60-65 down to 45-50 without the case


Nov 12, 2005
are these same overheating problems also possible to occur with an athlon 3500+ venice, running at stock speeds (ie. not overclocked) and with stock cooling, even though the case is a micro atx?


The A64 should be the lowest temp thing in your case. The vid card, HDD will likely get hotter than it. So, if there is not enough ventilation in your case, and component start to overheat, then maybe it will.. don't expect to cool anything with air at 55 degrees..
That definitly sounds like your case ventilation is really bad, if there are any spare fan slots in your case, go and buy a few extra fans and install them, remember to have any at the front as input for air and the rear to suck out the hot air.

You could also just get a normal room fan and put it right next to the computer with the side pannel off and leave it that way - great trick for hot systems.

Remember if you want to see if it was the processor throttling then keep the case pannel on and run some things to trigger it off.


Dec 24, 2005
hi again, i just got the fps drops with the case off!

so i went to my bios
and these r a few things that i saw in pc healt status in bios.

System Temperature 46 degrees
CPU Temperature 58 degrees
System Fan speed 0 RPM
CPU fan speed 2721 RPM

anything wrong?
i have an Intel P3 Tualatin 1.1a @ 1.46ghz (stock vcore), + nvidia geforce4 ti4200 and that system is in a really crappy case - one intake at the front and thats it and its not even good (cant feel too much air come in) and that overheats a Tualatin!!!!!!!

After like less then 5 min it hits 47 for case temps and my games start packing them selves and skipping and so on so cooling does matter, even on a CPU with half the heat output!
Yup that sounds like your cpu throttling - I got a celeron D 2.4 @ 3.1 (prescott) and when its sayin 58 in the bios i know its overheated and throttling, infact thats the exact temp i get when its throttling and overheating.

Time to get some better cooling for the case and cpu, or a better case with better cooling capabilities, or maybe a bigger hsf, depending on how good your cooling is currently.
oh and by the way system temprature (or case temp) - thats needs to be (according to intel) 38 or less for a prescott to run which is dam stupid - here in Australia - WE GET OUTSIDE TEMPS HIGHER THEN THAT!!!

Case cooling needs an overhaul - 46 is bad for any cpu, that means the air in the case isnt being moved out fast enough and the cpu hsf starts recycling the hot air and just makes things hotter.


My case is a small tower, about 17 inches high. My 3000+ Venice, while OCed @ 2.2GHz(400MHz more that stock), ran full load for more than 3 hours and the temp never went higher than 36 degrees. I have 2 fans running half speed pushing fres aire inside and one at the back, running half speed too, pushing hot aire out, with the PSU fan. 3 HDD and the video card is putting heat added to the one by the mobo and CPU.

So yes, it is possible to maintain low temp in a case but good airflow is needed.


Dec 12, 2005
as an aussie i have experanced the same issues in a small case.

whenit hits 35+ outside my case just dosent pull enough air throught to allow proper cooling just on air with the case closed so iu have resorted to taking the side iff and leaving a good 6 inches on the opens side of space for air to circulate so the harddrives etc arnt heating up my compy (mind you it just freazes not throtles... stupid old cpus....)

if your running a small case spen the $$$ and buy a nice big one and rig it out with a fex fans riged out around the hot spots to move air about (i personaly place a intake fan blowin ovber the hard drive(s) in new pc's i build and another moving air out the back as well as the PSU fan and one over the cpu socket built in to the case.) as this allows the temriture inside the case to remain stable at verry close to the ambiant temprature.

i would also recomend adding dust filters if your box is sitting on carpet... dust = evil

im proberly making a fool of my self by saying this but check your cpu heat sink for dust and it its building up to a noticable level blow it out, and if your comp is a couple of years old (doset seam likly on those specs) check the thremal paste between the cpu and heat sink hasent dryed out, accultty do that anyway if your cpu has been running hot for a while it would accelerate the rate that is drys out.

failing that you might nave to go something a little more drastic for a cooling solution to keep your box cool....


When throttled, your chip still runs at 2.8 ghz, so anything lower than 75% is not likely due to throttling.
Are you running any apps in the background?
With HT active, games take a fair hit, when your antivirus does a scan, but even that wont bring the game to it's knees.
What anti-virus and spyware progs do you use?
Check in device manager for conflicts, and task manager for progs using cpu cycles. If nothing shows up, look for an event log.
Not so - all the P4's can throttle (skipping cycles but remain at the same clock speed - remember the THG "what happens when the cpu cooler is removed" video and review - P4 slowed down but continued).

Because his is a prescot is does also drop speeds back to 2.8ghz aswell as throttle via skipping cycles.

HT wont kill frame rates but lower them a slight bit, but the function comes in handy in multitasking (not near as much as a dual core and useless for rendering).

This is a heat issue - with the pannel on he said it skips after 2 minutes where is with the case off he gets over an hour, and the case inside temps are beyond 40.
Australia - sure does get hot here, its dam tough to keep an overclocked prescott solid, even with a pannel fan + ducting kit, 2 rear fans and a front fan case still hits 37+ with a celeron D 2.4 @ 3ghz (was 3.16 but got too hot so droped it back to 3.10 then 3.04 dammit).

How can u run a prescott in Australian if there designed to run in a case below 38? We get higher outside temps then that in summer!!!!


I experimented with throttling the other night.
I turned way down CPU cooler and ran a burn-in program utilizing 100% of CPU while running a program called ThrottleWatch.
It is one of the few programs that can monitor throttling.
In my observations, throttling on a Prescott 3200 occurs beginning at 80C degrees and when throttling and spinning up fan to max again, by 78-79C throttling stops.
I got the CPU up to 83C, and other than a few quick dropped cycles every few seconds, the PC still ran stable with no errors.

Really, at 83C there was no noticeable decline in performance, still maintaining 100% CPU power, minus a few clock cycles.

Prescott's run hot, but they are also built rugged and can handle heat while still performing.

I am interested to see how the Opteron 175 I am building compares side by side to my Prescott 3200.