Question When i play games like minecraft i get lag spikes but quite fast ones and it can be quite annoying does anyone know why?

Aug 30, 2021
my Computer
Ryzen 5 2500x
Geforce gtx 1050 ti
16gb of ram

And i also only get about 90fps when on the lowest settings on minecraft is that normal?
Aug 30, 2021
I think my psu is 400rm to 450rm im not sure because my receipt isnt anywhere
My gpu temps are 40 c and while playing minecraft 40 c
I have scanned my whole computer for malware
my ram is dual and the speed is 1467 Mhz
You have very high CPU background usage. You need to close everything else while running the benchmark or as already mentioned, restart your PC, let it sit for 5 mins then run it.

Your SSD is almost full and it's really bad for the performance. Most SSDs tend to reach HDD speeds when are almost full ( 30% or less free space). It might as well be a big part of your issue.

Your CPU is not performing as well as it should but that may be from either the high CPU background usage or from the lack of space from SSD.


10% or less is OK for cpu background usage.
1)The cpu's turbo boost(avg) is lower than the base clock. This can mean:
-Cpu thermal throttled.
-C drive was carried over from an older build, and you did not clean install Windows; you're still running chipset and registry drivers for the old cpu/motherboard.
There might be more, but I wouldn't be familiar with them.

2)Kingston A400. Dramless SSD. Very attractive pricing, but the performance tradeoff is not worth it.
Capacity too small, and it's too full.
The performance of a dramless model falls off earlier than it does with one that does have a ram cache.
For example: if a normal one starts to slow down at around 80% of its capacity, then a dramless one drops off at about half that, thus you need to get a higher capacity one if you go the dramless route.

There's the mixed ram thing too, but the biggest flags I can see are the 2 I mentioned above.