Question When I plug in my Gpu, my comp won't start

Jul 23, 2020
Hey everyone,
So the other day I was playing D2 on fairly medium settings, no over clock or anything, then my whole comp just turned off.

I unplugged everything and plugged it all back in and tried again, no luck, I left the PSU overnight incase it had a bit of overcharge, no luck, I tried powering everything with just base components ( 8mb ram, cpu, MB, GPU,front panel, just to try for power and no luck, but when I unplug the GPU everything boots fine, all fans working rgbs etc etc, but just on integrated graphics, I tried to uninstall display drivers, and try again with GPU plugged in but no power.

I think the only things left I have to try is a
Different graphics card in the MB and if that works its the GPU.

Try a new PCi cable and if that works it was just the cable.

Or a new PSU and if that works it was a short in the connection.

If there is anything else I can try please let me know.

Spec :
Intel i7 10700
Gigabyte 460 Mb
32 mb ram
Ge force rtx 2060 super
Inwin premium basic 750 w 80 bronze
Cool dense 150 water
2 x corsair rgb fans ( can't remember specifics)
Also a elgato HD 60
And a Intel wifi card ( I just don't know if those components play into my issue)

This is a fairly new computer less then 2 months and it hasn't been overclocked because the MB is locked but I did tweak the setting to see if it would work but it stayed locked at the 2.9 hz so I dunno if that was a problem, but yea please help!
Feb 13, 2020
I think your best bet is to test with another GPU. You'll find out if it is a mobo problem or a GPU problem. It'll be easier to diagnose then :)