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Question When I plug my power supply in my computer instantly powers on but won’t post!

Jun 27, 2020
So, I was building a secondary computer for my living room so i can play games there without dealing with steam streaming,
the specs are:
i5 750
8gb ddr3 1600mhz
Gigabyte GA-P55M-UD2 rev 1.0
GTX 770

The issue is when I plug the power supply in, the computer will instantly power up without me doing anything, but the computer doesn’t do anything, I tried pressing the power button and nothing happened and I tried changing out the ram, gpu, psu and I tried a old i3 but it still does the same thing I even tried running my main system off the psu’s and confirmed they worked fine.

I manage to confirm that the cpu is definitely getting power as I took the cpu cooler off and the cpu got warm when I switched the psu back on (yes I know thats a bad idea).

Another thing is the motherboard has 4 leds on it labeled phase led I don’t know what they are and the manual for the motherboard says nothing about what they are but they’re all turned on, also occasionally the gpu or the cpu fan won’t spin at all and only the case fans and psu fan will.

does anyone know something I can do to fix this?

Or is it a dead motherboard? since I tested the board about a month ago when I first planned to build this pc And it worked fine and booted fine using an older gpu which I tried again and it didn’t fix the issue.