Question When I turn off computer Monitor overnight I won't go on 2nd Monitor?

Nov 29, 2019
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I just built PC and I have 2 monitors plugged in. Main Monitor is Display Port Hooked up to my 2080 Ti running 144hz at 2560 x 2440 (native) and my Second monitor is plugged into Old Insiginia TV via HDMI to my Asus Maximus Hero XI wifi.

At Night I turn off the monitor but not PC and the next morning I turn my monitor on and my 1st Monitor turns on fine but when I turn on TV the HDMI isn't reading until I restart computer. I even tried unplugging HDMI From Mobo and back in and the TV still won't read it.

Why is this happening? I decided to plug into my TV Via Mobo because for some weird reason when I had both HDMI and Display port both in my 2080 Ti it would cause issues like second monitor would be zoomed in. the TV Maxes out at 60hz 1980 x 1080.

I have been seeking for help


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