Question When I turn on my PC I can't see the bios screen

Mar 11, 2021
When i turn on my PC it acts as if i never turned my monitor on. Usually ill press the power button on my PC give it like 3 seconds then turn on my monitor and click my mouse a few times to ensure my monitor stays on. But now when i turn on my PC it doesn't even show the bios screen and if I press the button to go into bios it will go into it but not display so it just gets stuck there so it goes blindly pretty much.
For some reason my B350 motherboard can be obstinate about going into BIOS too. Does it boot into windows? if it does, then go into BIOS from there:

Press shift as you click on RESTART. It will open a blue screen, choose troubleshooting and then into the restart in UEFI then click restart.

If it won't show you Windows either then something's broke. It could be your monitor, or just connections. Check all connections to the back of the system and to the monitor first. Then open it up and check connections inside...especially that the GPU is properly seated in the socket.