[SOLVED] When i turn on my pc it turns off and back on again (in a cycle)

Apr 26, 2019
I checked to make sure
everything is in place and there
is no beep code. all of the
screws are in. the cooling is great
I have 2 front fans, one back, and
one cpu fan.

Motherboard: MSI x58m
Hard Drive: Seagate barracuda 1 TB
CPU: intel core i7-950
Power supply: Thermaltake White Smart 700w
Ram: Samsung 4GB (2x2gb) DDR3 [without coolers]


Apr 13, 2019
Check for bios update and reset Cmos and cold boot. #14. Also check your RAM is properly inserted (remove and reinstall).

2. Since you can't access the BIOS because the PC keep rebooting on an endless loop you need to turn the computer completely off and unplug it from the power plug, then you need to clear the CMOS, to do that you have to unplug the conector that goes from a little battery glued on the motherboard through a small cable, to the motherboard conector itself, after you unplug the little conector off the conector on the motherboard, give it a few seconds and then connect it back again in the conector on the motherboard.

IMPORTANT!: After clearing the CMOS and you are able to get to windows, don't turn your computer on and off to access the BIOS to install the new BIOS, Because that will cause the endless loop again and you wont be able to access the bios and will have to clear the CMOS all over again. What you should do is only reboot from windows to then press delete and access the BIOS. After you update the BIOS and follow all the instructions on the video, then you can turn it completely on and off without any problems and no more endless loops :D

Sorry guys, This has been solved. The ram isn't compatible with my CPU.

CPU works with DDR3 800 and 1066 and the one i had was ddr3 1333
Glad you've fixed your problem, but just stating that I doubt the speed timings were the issue, your MB supports 1333 no problem - it just requires XMP.

Equally even if it was above the MB default speeds, your MB would just downclock your 1333 to 1066 as it's the highest native frequency. So it would either be that the model itself you had was not compatible, or the modules were faulty, because your motherboard does support 1333 speeds.

Either way, glad you go it sorted. Out of curiosity, what model RAM did you have? As this may be the good pointer for those visiting this thread.

Edit: No worries, misunderstood - I see it's the CPU!
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