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Question When I turn on my psu the only thing that turns on is a orange light in the bottom corner and nothing less turns on.


Hi... and welcome...
Can you provide us with more information?
Is it prebuild PC.. (dell, hp, etc..) or not?
Can you specify the other parts (motherboard, cpu, gpu)?
What corner? Where? on the motherboard? on the PSU ?!?!?!?
Hi Pc begginer(y)and Welcome to the Forum :D

Depending on what MB you have there are troubleshooting LEDs that will light up then go out once Post has completed. If any stay on then you have an issue.
On many boards the orange/yellow LED indicates an issue with your RAM.

List your full system specs with issues like this for better help.


Turning on the PSU does not normally turn on the system. You need to connect the power switch from the case to the motherboard and use that or a screwdriver to temporarily short the power switch pins on the board to turn the system on.