Question When installing Windows 10 using an external drive, I get the error "System thread exception not handled" ?

Oct 15, 2022
I'm trying to install Windows 10 on an Asus F3F Laptop.

I don't have a flash drive with a capacity of more than 4 GB. Therefore, I "burn" the ISO file to an external HDD using the Rufus program. This is an x86 (32-bit) version of Windows 10 because this old laptop does not have a 64-bit processor. ... The error appears right away, at the very beginning of the installation.
Thank you for your help.
Windows 7 was installed on the laptop until then, it ran fine... Now there's Linux Ubuntu - again no problem.
that error is common on old asus laptops

bios up to date?
you might want to try injecting drivers from asus into your windows installation as that error is either driver incompatibility or some system conflict
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