When is enough memory, really enough?


Dec 8, 2007
so in my PC today i have 16 gigs of memory. in all the time i have been monitoring the usage i have never seen it go over 45%.
so i am wonder when would you use more then 8 gigs?
the programs i run are,
vegas pro 10 with 20 gig files
black ops 2
battlefield 3
civ 5

so i was originally thinking of stepping up to 32GB, but i just cant see why.
have i found the memory usage cap?



Most people do not need more than 8 GB. of memory for a 64-bit O/S. Only folks using large apps like CAD, video editing, etc. or someone who needs to run numerous apps concurrently need more than 8 GB. Some folks like more RAM because they think RAM Disks are the be all, but for most folks they really aren't.


Aug 10, 2011
i think when it comes to the amount of 16GB and 32GB or ram, its more for industrial work where you're multi-tasking after multi-tasking, having hundreds of apps and windows opened at once to process things, like graphics and effects on audios.

if you are video editing, i'd say its safe to have 16GB of ram for headroom for when you ever do start processing video that may take up more resources, but for now i'd say 32GB is way much of an over kill.

i have 8GB myself at home, just for gaming. it was an overkill for me. but i personally dont like seeing my memory usuage constantly at 75%+, so i just got more for headroom.

i think 16GB is enough for you, for now. if you were thinking of spending money to get 32GB, i'd say spend it somewhere else that can use more upgrade :)