When overclocking I'm having to set voltage high but temps are still low...

Dec 31, 2018
So I'm new to overclocking and just playing around with a few basic settings at the moment (basically multiplier and vcore).
So my issue is, lets say I set my Vcore at 1.35v and my clock at 5ghz then run either Prime95 or Aida64 my temps stay below 70c but I BSOD. Then I up the Vcore to 1.375 and keep the 5ghz. When I stress again it goes longer and my temps hover around 70c to 73c and again BSOD.
So what I'm confused about is I was under the impression that more Vcore means higher temps and from everything I've seen high temps are always the problem before voltage.
So because my temps are so low I thought I would have some more OC headroom, but voltage is definitely winning the race.
Am I missing something?
Thanks in advance, any info is appreciated!!

My build just in case:
Aorus Z390 Ultra
Noctura D-15
Corsair DDR4 3200
MSI 1070ti gaming
EVGA 750 psu

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