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Question When restarting or sometimes booting, the display glitches and I can't do anything ?

Apr 11, 2021
Laptop: HP Pavilion Gaming 17-cd0920ng

Whenever I restart my Gaming Laptop or sometimes boot it the Display glitches (White gray bars horizontally) and it then fades out into a black screen (I cant see my mouse).
Ive read alot of threads that It could be the gpu but I have the Laptop since 1 year (HP Pavilion 17 with a GTX 1050 3gb) and I game alot (temperature never reached 100°C but often at 90 when I game all day (in holidays) but mostly during school I game 6 hours or less with alot of breaks so the gpu is like 70°C (I mostly play league of legends)
It works fine 99% of the time, but when I got Valorant this problem occured whenever I restarted to play it, a few months ago I deinstalled it and I didnt restart my pc since but Im scared to do so since this windows update forces me to update and restart.

Even with valorant uninstalled (Vanguard too) I still get the flickering for 2-3s and then it normally boots. Sometimes there isnt flickering when booting (just normal HP logo and normal boot). Ive noticed the flickering mostly happens after having shutdown the pc 30mins-1h ago and then turning it on again (pc isnt overheated, like just a little bit warm maybe 40°C inside or so or probably even less).

I somewhat "fixed" the problem by getting to somewhat use my PC by completely reinstalling windows but the Issue is still there with the display. And no saturation etc. and resolution is just as good as when i booted it for the first time. Im pretty sure I didnt overuse my laptop since gaming laptops are meant to last long and pc parts like cpu can last 15 years or so, so i dont know what the problem is. I also did all the common troubleshoot I could find on the internet.