Question (When) should i replace my pc?

Oct 29, 2019
I have my pc for 4 years right now and im thinking about building a new one. I am not sure if i should do it now or should wait some longer. And if i should wait how long?
Can you give me some advice?

I have right now:
i5 4460
Sapphire nitro r9 380x
gigabyte b85m-hd3 MoBo
Ballistix 8 gb ram kit (2 ×4)
seasonic m12 II bronze 520W

Kingston a400 480gb (which i will keep since i bought it like two months ago)

If im buying a new one i will buy something like this (if i buy a new one soon, if i wait for a year or longer i will see then)
Ryzen 5 3600
Msi B450 tomahawk MAX MoBo
Sapphire pulse RX 5700 XT (or another brand but certainly RX 5700 XT)
16gb ddr4-3200

So help should i buy a new pc or should i try to keep my old one as long as possible?
Right now, your current PC is pretty maxed out. You will have to continue to dial back in game settings, and lower resolution to play at 60fps.

Getting a new PC is a good choice.

The parts chosen, would be a huge upgrade, and would be a world away from the experience you are currently having.