When to go to water cooling


Sep 4, 2012
I have built many gaming rigs over the years, but never overclocked CPU or RAM but I have done GPU with PrecisionX. I've also never used water cooling. Typically I get components that don't need overclocking for max settings to work well. I also have a nice clean open case for plenty of air flow and nice big fans. Just curious on when I should use water cooling. I may not even need to overclock CPU or memory, but I'm just trying to prepare for upcoming titles like Far Cry 3 and GTAV and other demanding games. And typically is water cooling just used for CPU or are there like cooling systems with like a radiator that could be installed in a case slot. Any info would be helpful..Thanks guys.


Jul 20, 2012
A couple other good reasons are
1. Bragging rights.
2. Quieter system, especially if you cool the video cards.

A lot of people just cool their cpu, but you can also add in video cards to the loop, or even go crazy with it and cool things like RAM or northbridge chip on the mobo.

There are <$100 closed loop CPU solutions like the h50 from corsair, or you could spend a lot of money on a custom loop.

radiators dont go in case slots, its best to have them in a spot where they can pull air from outside the case(its cooler) or vent hot air outside. Ideally on the outside of the case is best, or get a case that is designed for watercooling.