[SOLVED] When turning off computer it suspends instead

Sep 25, 2020
Hey guys, this is something that is bothering me. I did a fresh install on windows 10 this Sunday. Now I'm noticing that when turning on the computer the usual POST beep isn't beeping anymore. I then search for the windows events and notice something odd...

When I press the shutdown button on windows the events that follow are (these 3 events happen in 10 seconds and are the last ones registered by windows before the computer is off):
1- The user-mode process tried to change the system state by calling the SetSuspendState or SetSystemPowerState APIs (Kernel-Power 187)
2- The system is going suspend. Reason for Suspension: Application API (Kernel-Power 42)
3- The system has exited suspension mode. (Kernel-Power 107)

When I turn on after that the events are about sync system time with the hardware clock and getting back from suspension, It doesn't matter if I unplug the PC in this meantime the events are the same...

Anyone have a clue of why is this happening or what should I do?

Update: System hardware:

ram 16gb ddr4 2400h (viper patriot)
gtx 1070
power supply Corsair RM500x
moba H110M-CS
HD SATA 6.0 seagate 1TB

Windows installed: Windows 10 Home 64-bits. Version: 20H2
SO compilation: 19042.685

The system boots on normal mode, I can access BIOS and/or change to safe mode if I want.
It doesn't show any error, I just noticed it because since it's a clear installation I'm tracking all events to see if anything odd happen, when I found this.
Date and time are correct

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Sep 25, 2020
Update your post to include full system hardware specs and Window 10 version information.

Will the system boot into Safe Mode?

Are you able to access BIOS?

If the time and date display anywhere is the time and date correct?
Thanks for the input. I added the required information on the first post :)