When will 2500k be around $150?


Jul 8, 2011
Hello guys! I'm just wondering, when will the price of a core i5 2500k be around $150? I know it's a silly question.. I'm guessing around in a few years still? Because I've just built a new system and used a Pentium G850 which is a low-budget CPU but have an ASUS P8Z68-V LE mobo which is quite disappointing because I could've done much more with it. I'm okay with the G850 for about 2-4 more years.

So I'm thinking, when will the price of the 2500k go down for around $150?
Things like CPU only drop so much, and it has to be led by Intel themselves.

In other words; you don't see a Core 2 Quad being sold for $50 just because i3-2100 can beat it in benchmarks. Old tech doesn't get cheaper the older it gets; it just stops dropping after a certain point.

Yep, another great in-store only deal.

I got a i7 2600K for $199. last month, only on sale for the weekend.

And, he-he-he, I only live 10 minutes from a store. ;)
As said above, they don't drop very much over time unless you catch a specific retailer just trying to clear out stock. I had a 1st gen Core 2 Duo 2.66 for five years because the 3.33GHz version never went down to anything reasonable unless I wanted a used one off eBay.


Apr 23, 2012
Agree with never. Intel will rather stop production than drop prices.
Every shrink is cheaper to make so because of that, they would rather not sell 2500k and sell the cheaper to manufacture ivy bridge than to drop prices.


Nov 27, 2008

Wow! Careful with statements like that, you're jerking tears. :)