When will 4K and G-sync pair and be worth the $$$


Oct 23, 2013
It will help but G-sync shines on 144hz, the high hz is smoother/sharper during movement which if you're a gamer is everything. Non-gaming 4k is a clear winner but with it's large system requirements to maintain high fps/settings and slow refresh rates 4k gaming is not ideal.


It'd be worth it when Single GPUs can drive games reliably, which they cannot just quite yet. SLI works, but I'd much rather have SLI as an added bonus to performance, not a requirement.

Since DSR and GeDoSaTo exists, I am more inclined to go G-Sync lower res monitor, so you will still have useable lower resolution while getting much of the benefit of 4k when you have the GPU power to spare.


Personally, G-Sync now, due to the mentioned reasons in my post. It will be a while before 4k gaming is doable on a single GPU, but G-Sync, in its current state, works like a charm. A lower res monitor will also allow you upgrade your GPU's less frequently than 4k would (EG 1080p monitors can use only 1 high end GPU to run smoothly, 4k requires Multi to run, not as smoothly, and entirely depends on whether the game you are playing actually supporting SLI, not to mention UI issues, though the latter two has become somewhat rarer recently).

Though I have some suspicions that unless something revolutionary happens down the line, growth of GPU power may fall short, perhaps far short, of monitor and software requirement growth.