When will RAM prices come back down?


Feb 26, 2006
I was wondering about this the other day when my friend pointed me out that the RAM we bought for his comp was like $100 more than when we got it this summer. Same RAM, I promise.
Because I'm going to have to build a comp myself for next semester, since my brother is going to give away his laptop to a poor Ecuadorian family, and as a-holy as it sounds I don't want to be sharing and have to go to his room every time I want to use a computer, since this one belongs to him.
Sorry for the senseless rant, it just kind of slipped off.
When do you think? What do you recommend for a build for February with limited budget ~$500?


Aug 2, 2006
Dood just take a look and buy some cheap parts. Right off the top of my head and within 5 minutes I can put this list togather. do some research and pic something different if you find better.

MOBO = $76
CPU = $182
Vid = $116
memory = $100

Now just get yourself some crappy case w/ pwr supply. Find a used one cheap on ebay. Buy used optical and HD for next to nothing on ebay. and your all set for $500-$550 give or take. And down the road when you save up a couple hundred. Upgrade to a 680i mobo. Then again later save up a couple more hundred and get a good vid card if your a gamer and if not then get good memory. Oh yea. find a tv repair shop and get a dirt cheap monitor.

I am using a Compaq P900 19" flatscreen monitor that I got at a local repair shot for $60!!! And its a 1920x1440 monitor with all the bells and whistles. antistatic screen and everything...60 bucks.

Hell you can get a pentiumD 915 for $120 and pentium 4's for $90.

ohh and to answer you question: DDR2 will come down when DDR3 becomes the memory of today.