Question When would be the best time to build a new gaming machine in the next 6ish months?


Jan 4, 2016
Not really looking at specific models of parts yet, but I'm looking at a 2000$ ballpark budget, keeping case keyboard mouse and speakers, replacing the rest. The reason I ask about timing is these new cards coming out have some kinks that I would want solved before buying, and I'm never sure when the best deals would be. (black friday and cyber monday dont seem like no brainers anymore). I build every few years and don't keep up. So, any advice in terms of when to start buying? If you wanted a new machine within 6 months, when would you buy parts?

System I envision if it helps:
RAM: 16 gig, not sure on ddr4 vs ddr5 yet
Storage: PCIe SSD hardrive of some kind
Mobo: Whatever fits the other parts
Processor: Haven't really compared yet, but something around an i7
GPU: The NVIDIA 3080 looks like what I want for the most part in terms of budget/performance but not dead set on it.
PSU: Whatever fits the other parts