Question Whenever I click "shut down" or "restart" on my PC, my monitors turn off but the fans and lights and my peripherals are still on ?

Dec 17, 2022
So whenever I click shut down or restart on my PC my monitors turn off, but the fans and lights are on and my peripherals are still on as well, I have to click the physical button to completely turn it off after that.

And then when clicking the power button to turn back on, the fans, lights, and peripherals turn on, and then my monitors say no signal. The only way to turn my PC back on is to disconnect it from all power for a minute and then turn it back on and it boots normally.

I've reseated the ram, gpu, cleaned the ram, and turned off fast startup on Windows. I have no idea what could be causing this. It was working fine for years up until about 3 days ago.

CPU: i5 9600kf
GPU: MSI rtx 3060 ventus 12gb
MOBO: MSI z370a-pro
Ram: Corsair 2x16gb 3200mhz
PSU: Corsair CX750m

Running windows 10 home
Dec 20, 2021
However, i've been having this issue since morning and I can't actually appear to pinpoint the issue. At the point when this happens holding the power button isnt ready to close it down. Need to physically flip the psu off. Every one of my parts are a couple of months old and I have done some overclocking to it. Central processor having PBO empowered and memory carrying the timings from CL18 to CL16. Specs: MSI B550 Hatchet Ryzen 5 5600x NZXT Kraken X63 Zotac RTX 3080 Trinity Corsair Retribution RGB Ace 3600Mhz Inwin cb-1050W 80+ platinum PSU I have: Crippled PBO Eliminated the memory OC Reset the profiles to defaults This unexpected turning off of the screen and peripherals has occurred in the profiles. What's more, it seems like it takes at some point for it to work out, and lets say on the off chance that it did work out and I were to reboot it, it requires a more limited investment for it to work out. Temps are what I would think about ordinary. Around 70°c-ish for both computer chip and GPU. Any assistance would be highly valued.
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