Question Whenever I open a multiplayer game, my internet speed drops dramatically on my computer.


Dec 29, 2015
Recently I've been getting really bad server lag on multiplayer games like Halo Infinite and Splitgate. My download speed is usually around 40-60 Mbps on my computer, the upload speed 5-10 Mbps. When I play a multiplayer game, the dl speed plummets to 10-20 Mbps and the ul speed drops to less than 1 Mbps, which basically makes the games unplayable. This started happening a couple weeks ago. This issue does not affect devices other than my computer.

OS: Windows 10. I'm using a "Feb Smart FS-N600 Basic Edition PCIe x1 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi Adapter" on an x370 mobo.

Help would be appreciated.
Try it on ethernet to see if it is a wifi issue or something else. Problems with games and wifi are extremely common which is why it recommended you do not use wifi for online games.

The problem could be that there is another device in your house or more likely in your nieghbors house also using wifi and interfering. Could be you neighbor got a new router or even worse put in a new mesh system that is using the same radio channels as you. Best is to try to find a way to not use wifi. Ethernet is top choice then moca or power line networks.