Where are the mosfets/vrms on here?

Nov 11, 2018
Hi everyone, this is my first post on here, so sorry if this seems kind of amateur. But I had just recently built my first computer and it runs pretty well for the most part. The only issue I have is with GTA V where it will run a solid 60fps for a while, but then it'll drop to about 30-40 at random times, usually more so when I'm driving around. Someone had mentioned that the VRM in the motherboard is overheating and is causing the CPU to thermal throttle. I've looked at other boards just to see where they usually lay, but on mine, it seems nowhere to be seen. Am I missing something or is it built different or what? I'll put a link to a picture of it. Please help, thanks. :)


CPU: AMD fx 8350
GPU: Asus Strix 4gb GTX 960
PSU: EVGA 600b
RAM: 8GB Crucial Sport
MOBO: Biostar A960D+V2 Ver. 6.x
1 tb Western Digital Blue
There is a row of inductors (the 4 gray/black boxes, 3 with 1R0 and one with R60 written on them) between the CPU socket and the I/O; that's the filter capacitors (the little silver cans) mixed amongs them. The FET's are those flat devices between the inductors and the I/O connectors. There are 12 of them (three for each phase) and have a tab on one side and three leads on the other, one lead is clipped because it's electrically the same as the tab which is already soldered. Those are the CPU phases (3+1).

To help with cooling them glue some Enzotech heat sinks on top of each FET.


If you look carefully you'll see that same, or very similar, array of parts to the bottom side of the memory sockets: that would be the VRM for the memory and just above the chipset: the VRM for chipset power.