Where are the temperature sensors located for Speedfan 4.28?


Mar 12, 2006

Based on the pic above, my TEMP3 shows indicate a high temperature, so could this be related to the fact that I'm using SATA II HDD and putting a jumper to reduce speed to SATA I? Or perhaps I shld install a HDD fan?
It came to a point that my system will just shut down, due to this temperature. So any suggestions?

Also, can someone teach me how to identify which temperature sensor is which? I can't seem to find out how? Thanx!

This are the my specs:
AMD Sempron 2600+
2 X 512Mb DDR
Gigabyte 7VT600P
nVIDIA GeForce FX200
SATA II 160Gb, Seagate (jumper set to run at 1.5Gps)
IDE 30Gb, Maxtor