Where are the Xbox 360 plug and Play Drivers located in windows explorer


Feb 4, 2016
So I have been happily using a Wireless Xbox 360 controller with a wireless receiver for many years now, Recently I fresh installed Win 7 on my PC and until now have been using AA batteries to power the controller. Today I would like to switch to using a battery pack and a plug and play to charge it so I dont need to buy batteries. When I plug the PaP into a USB port, no response, when I plug the opposite end into the controller, I get a "USB Device Not Recognized" When I get into device manager to manually update the PaP driver, it's no where to be found. I hit "Browse my comp..." then "let me pick..." and uncheck "show compatible hardware" and I have browsed through the majority of manufacturers, but mainly microsoft and the driver for an Xbox 360 plug and play is nowhere to be found. BUT when I have to manually update my 3rd party wireless receiver, one of the other options that immediately come up when I take the same steps above IS "Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Via Play & Charge Kit" so obviously the driver is on my computer. I have attempted to look into System 32 in "drivers" and "DriverStore" and cannot find it manually, (the driver file names are jibberish to me) which SHOULD solve my problem right? by instead manually browsing explorer and manually selecting the driver, so my question is the title....