Question Where can I buy some good USB-C cables?


Jul 3, 2010
I've noticed that with many 3rd party USB C cables, even if the overall quality of the cable is satisfactory to excellent, often times the USB-C connector itself is VERY tight fitting into the USB C port on the host device. With some cables it's to the point where I don't even feel comfortable using the cable for fear of damaging the USB port because the fit is so tight.

Pretty much all of the adapters/cables that come with a device or peripheral don't have this problem. But I have several peripherals that came with USB A cables (primarily ext. HDD's) that I'm now looking to get new cables for so I'm not having to constantly use adapters. I'm looking for a brand of cables that have USB C connectors that fit snug, but not overly tight and preferably super flexible cable with braided sheathing. Primarily I need USB C (male) to USB Micro B 3.0 (male) 1ft jumper cables for my external HDD's. I've found several of these on Ebay/Amazon but the reviews are rife with complaints of tight fitting USB C connectors, which falls in line with what I've personally experience ordering some of these cables.