Question Where can i find graphic design certification programs?


Nov 16, 2007
Where can i find Illustrator, Photoshop or other graphic design certification programs? I am not looking for a 2 or 4 year program. Not yet.

My daughter has a bachelors in Marketing but has no official graphic design training. Her current marketing gig is in the orthopedic implant industry. That kind of marketing is not traditional marketing and she wants out. Most marketing job postings require some graphic design, even if a little. The current gig has a full time graphic artist, so they don't want to train her in it.

She doesn't want to be a graphic artist, but needs enough graphic experience to communicate about it and the ability to create simple designs for presentations and such.
If you're looking for a general digital image editor, there are free ones like GIMP or Paint.NET.

Otherwise Adobe's tools can be had for a monthly subscription if she only needs something to work with for a short while.


Check local community/4 year colleges. Or her Alma Mater.

Very likely that she could take a couple of classes.

And she could make some contacts as well if the campus provides any job placement assistance for "students".

Then test for the certifications afterwards if the classes do not provide for doing so.

No harm in going back to school. Many people have done that and are still doing that for any number of reasons.
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I have used Udemy for a few courses aimed at IT certs. Massive catalog of courses and not too expensive. Think $40 is the most I paid for one.

Do some homework and pick wisely and she should come up with a couple excellent choices. Obviously hands on projects is important to learning so be sure there are sample files to manipulate and so on.