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Where can I find the MSRP of any given pc components

Feb 27, 2021
I am new to pc building community and since I started my journey in 2020 during the early days of pandemic I am not at all aware of the real pricing of the components. Can you guys suggest a website I can find see the MSRP of any components so that I can decide in future if the prices of components low enough?
Search for the original announcement of the product in question.
It should have the projected MSRP.

But, supply and demand means all.
If a product is worth more than the msrp, sellers will quickly mark the item up and pocket added profit.
Or, as in the case pf recent graphics cards, scalpers will use buying bots to scoop up units at msrp before you or I can buy them.
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Wikipedia has comprehensive lists of launch prices for GPUs for both AMD and Nvidia, as above, they don't really mean much.

Motherboard launch prices are almost always higher than the street price. Power supplies vary wildly on any given day, even when the market isn't as overpriced as it is now.
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