Mar 15, 2020
I have a Lg 32UD59-B. The screen seems to have air bubbles or delaminating. I discovered this after changing backround to grey and then that monster reared its head. Two months after monitor warranty expired. LG up to this point was no help. Is there a place to send the monitor for repair. Would upload image of monitor but can't find a way here.
you have to post images on a site(imgur, etc) with a registered account and link them here.

there are shops all over that LG contracts out for their repairs. their support representative should be able to give you information about the closest one available.
or just look up "electronics repair" and see which gives you the best options around your location.
^ Your link is broken.

In a situation like this, and assuming you are mechanically inclined to some degree, I would personally look for a replacement panel. Swapping them out typically isn't hard. Lot of screws, few connectors, sometimes some tape...I would expect this to be around 1/3 the cost of the monitor.

Otherwise let your fingers do the walking for electronics repairs to call and inquire about price from them. I could readily imagine that going to 2/3 or so the cost of this, new.