[SOLVED] Where can I get replacement part for an Asus Rog G531GT (specifically one of the WiFi antennas) ?


Jul 23, 2012
While cleaning my laptop, an MHF4 Connector popped off the cable attached to a wifi antenna. Since then My network speeds have dropped about 30%. Ive been looking EVERYWHERE for a replacement antenna but I cant find one for the life of me. Contacted Asus and they say they can't help since they don't sell parts. Can't find it 3rd party anywhere, since I don't know the specifications of the adapter itself (Im not sure which bands its been designed for). Since there's 4 different antennas I'm pretty sure each one is for a different wifi band.

The specific adapter I'm looking for is PART: 14008-03460700_1.1.0_1949 WIFI_4_IP I've tried looking but the only place that seems to have it is at this relatively sketchy looking website. Not really sure what to do and getting fairly pissed off.

If anyone has any ideas about 3rd party antennas that I can get that have a 7inch cable and an MHF4 connecter on them please let me know.
All those connectors are the same, if you can't find any pre-made cables you may be able to just buy the connector and crimp it back on. Or buy a broken laptop and yank one out of that one.