Question Where did my free space go?


Sep 6, 2013
Hey guys,

So I'm temporarily using a gaming rig with only a 250GB SSD, so I'm often faced with uninstalling games to install other games. I have fast internet so its not a huge deal.

Today, I uninstalled the Witcher 3 to download Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. I had about 10 GB free, Battlegrounds needed 25, so I uninstalled the Witcher which was using a bit more than 40. Now, I want to get back to playing the Witcher, so I uninstalled Battlegrounds and went to reinstall the Witcher only to discover that, after uninstalling battlegrounds, my PC says I only have 10 GB free. Somewhere along the line I lost access to about 40 GB of free space. As far as I know, no updates have happened since earlier today. I also checked under "local files" in steam and according to that neither game is using any storage space.

I would understand it getting a little messy when uninstalling programs so often, but losing access to 40 GB must be an error. Even if battlegrounds hadn't been uninstalled successfully, I should've had over 20 GB of free space from the Witcher. What gives?
Just how did you uninstall those games ? Very often they don't uninstall completely but leave a lot behind. Using a program like Revo Uninstaller or several similar ones, cleans up all leftovers of files/folders and registry entries.