Question Where do i buy a replacement nzxt usb cable?


Oct 25, 2020
I bought the nzxt x63 aio about 3 months ago and everything was fine
Today i got a new case, put all the components in it and when i turned on the computer there was no rgb on the cpu cooler
I checked everything wad connected then i decided to take out the usb cable when i pulled the cable but the usb metal thing was stuck inside of the cooler and now its unusable
Does anyone know where to find a replacement? What is the cable even called?
I live in serbia but i cant find it anywhere
Seems like the NZXT RGB connector is proprietary, so it's very likely that you will need to contact NZXT to obtain a replacement cable and if the unit is under warranty still, which it should be, they might even want to just send you a replacement cable for free or even replace the entire unit. Or, you can try to find one on Ebay specifically for NZXT products, which is very possible since people with failed pumps, etc., are likely to have the other hardware available still. Those are really your two best options. punkncat has already given you the link.