Question Where do I find external enclosures for my Blue-Ray burner?


Apr 6, 2012
I have this blue-Ray Burner: "LG Super Multi Blue Internal SATA 16x Blu-ray Disc Rewriter OEM"

This used to be inside my pc case (Fractal Design R6), but I recently updated my CPU cooler to the Kraken x72 and had to remove my optical drive cage since I mounted the cooler in the front. Now my poor Blue-Ray burner is just sitting on my desk so I wanted to buy an external enclosure for it. I found one on Amazon for $48.75 and was wondering if it was a good pick. Can someone inform me of all that it does and if it is worth the price. What exactly am I paying for here? I am not too familiar with this external enclosures and did not expect them to cost so much. I am used to them just chilling inside my pc lol.

5.25 external enclosure Amazon: "OWC Mercury Pro 5.25" Optical Drive External Enclosure" $48.75
Here is a 2nd option I found: "Vantec NST-536S3-BK NexStar DX USB 3.0 External Enclosure for SATA Blu-Ray/CD/DVD Drive All Black" $43.54