Question Where do I place the case fans?

Jacob 51

Dec 31, 2020
I've got 4 fans, 3 are the RGB kit from ANT Esports, and one came preinstalled in my case (Non RGB). The case is an ANT Esports ICE 130 AG. All the fans are powered by Molex cables.
My case supports two fans on top, two on bottom, one on the backside and 3 on the front. Where do I place them, to get the best out of my case? Should I place them as intake or as exhaust? I can buy more fans if needed.
Also, I want them to look good with the RGB too.


Jul 7, 2014
It doesn't really heat up (55 MAX) but I want it to look good and for future upgrades
For performance, no sweat. Doing it the basic way like 2 in 1 out, 3 in 1 out, or 2 in 2 out has no difference in temps. Difficult to go wrong with 3+ fans placed sensibly.

Aesthetics? Only you can answer that. The common setup is 3 RGB fans at the front. If it looks unbalanced due to the plain rear fan, then 2 RGB front and one at the rear. Keep the plain fan at the top rear.

Future upgrades? Depends on what you're planning to do. Longer GPUs might require the middle front fan to be removed. More fans? Eh, you don't need more for airflow, aesthetics maybe. In that case, personal preference.

The only concrete piece of advice I can say is don't put fans on the bottom slot. They're not taking air from outside the case, and if the GPU sits close enough to the fans there, the heat from fan motor will radiate to the GPU. Been there, done that. The reason you might want to put fans there is you can add flair with LED/RGB fans. That, or you mount the PSU upwards and want to drive in case air into it. Not sure why you should, though.