Where do I put my video files for editing?


Aug 21, 2010
My new computer will have a 120GB SSD and a 1 TB 7200 mechanical HD. Obviously I'm going to put my OS, and some programs like Premiere Pro, After Effects on the SSD, and then I will put my games on the 1 TB along with other media like music, pictures etc.

But, while editing the movie files, where should I put them? On the SSD temporarily for faster rendering and access? Since I will sometimes be working with AVCHD .mov files which are highly compressed, will it be best to put it on the SSD where the OS is? Or should I put it on the 1TB 7200?

Also, I will be getting a USB 3.0 External drive, but right now my USB 2.0 external drive is practically full. It currently has the video files on it that I will be working with first.

Should I move them to the SSD? or to the internal 1TB?