Question Where do I put these cables called 'LED control' and 'Power' on the manual?

Dec 23, 2020
I have the Cougar Gemini M case and I just saw these two extra wires when building it. There is a wire labeled 'LED controller' on the manual but I have no idea where to put it. The wire has 3 ends on it and I am just very confused. I'm pretty sure that this is for the rgb lights at the front of the case. I have another wire on it that says Serial ATA (SATA) on it and it is labeled as 'Power' on the manual but it doesn't look like any SATA cable I have seen before.


Nov 24, 2017
Thanks, Nigel Spike for the link to the manual.

Assuming that you're not using Core Box v2, all you need is to do it like this.

The wire labeled as LED Controller is an ARGB connector (female) with 3 pins (+5V, Data, Ground).
This ends with 3 kinds of connectors (female).

  • A 4 pin type (3 in use, 1 not used) which is for MSI, Asus, ASRock motherboards. This allows you to control lighting effects starting from the motherboard's software eg. Aura Sync, Mystic lights. Please note that Gigabyte has a 3 pin VDG connector. This connector goes to the motherboard. If your mobo doesn't have any ARGB port, then skip this part.
  • Another is a 3 pin connector for CORE BOX v2.
  • A male connector that daisy chains with other ARGB connectors.
SATA Power connector goes to the same plug which powers SATA SSDs and HDDs. This is power us the controller present in the case itself (there's a separate button on the panel for 15 different effects).

Do let us know if you're using CORE BOX v2.