Question Where do you prefer to buy games?

Sep 17, 2022
Hi all. I was wondering where most people buy PC games? It is clear that for consoles they mainly buy in original stores like playstation or xbox . Although there you can buy for a PC, but I have not met such people. A lot of my friends buy games on steam , some from difmark or some other sites. In short, there are many options. I'm curious to know which services do you prefer? Which one do you trust more? Or is it just the price? (because that's basically all that matters to me). By the way, now all games will rise in price, presumably on all platforms due to inflation. What do you think about it? I think the gaming crisis is starting


My favorite platform has been Steam. Generally speaking, if Steam offers it, they keep it compatible and running well, even with legacy titles. Pricing and availability haven't been the best and in particular the latter due to all the other services coming available. As far as price in regard to older titles, I like Gog. Their newest launcher integrates many others (at the cost of RAM load) but could be handy for someone playing a lot of cross platform titles.
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