Where does ink go away during system cleaning?


Nov 11, 2008

I have a Canon Pixma G2400 printer and it has built-in CISS.

Today, I had a problem with one of the colours not printing, so I performed a System Cleaning from Maintenance tab in Printer Preferences. I got a warning that System Cleaning consumes a lot of ink, and it did, indeed - I see that the level of ink in tanks is rather lower now. What puzzles me is where does all that ink go away?

Thanks in advance for your answers!
Nope... It uses no paper while cleaning the head.
"Basically, when you are running that "Printhead Cleaning Cycle" and "Nozzle Test", all that is really happening is that new fresh ink is being pumped into the tiny print head nozzles, to try and flush out the old ink and any minor clogs. The ink that is being consumed, runs thru tiny hoses in the cleaning station assembly/pumping mechanism, to the waste ink pads. Those pads are usually located inside the printer, where you cannot see them. On most of the printers, there is not much actual cleaning that is going on. There is a cleaning blade, that wipes off the bottom of the printhead assembly, during that cleaning cycle."
https://fixyourownprinter.com/posts/28370 or similar.

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