Where is the cmos battery in a dell 8300


Nov 26, 2009
i was getting a battery low alert and a press f1 et cetera message.
now, though it appears the computer is on, i'm not getting anything on my monitor.
i probably have to replace the cmos battery, but have no clue where to find it on my dell 8300.
can anyone help?


It is on the motherboard - they are referred to as coin batteries because they have the shape and apporoximate size and color of a quarter. If you just look for a quarter you should find it mounted flush against the mobo.

Your manual has a diagram of the motherboard showing where it is and most likely instructions for replacing it. If you don't have the manual, I suggest going to Dell support and downloading it - and whatever other reference documents they may have - for convenient reference. I find it a lot easier just to refer to my stored copy then to rummage around for a hard copy.