Where is the Morality of Game Designers Today?

There seems to be in this day and time a complete lapse of morality showing up in the latest games being released, and FarCry 5 being probably the worst I’ve seen yet. It’s not about Montana, it’s about the sick depravity you have to experience to be able to play this game through, cutting peoples skin off of them is comparable to war crimes of prison camps that are a violation of the Geneva Convention. That doesn’t even begin to cover the things seen in the game outside the story line, like humans hung upside down with their guts cut open, hanging from poles, from crosses, etc., etc. This type of thing could very well be completely left out, and is in no way necessary to experience the latest graphics of the game. I think game designers are going way past what they should be doing in their story telling and they’re only getting away with it as long as people accept it and don’t say anything.

IMO, This game should be removed from the shelves and the designers of the game be brought up on charges of civil criminality against the younger generation of this country. You will never convince me this type of moral debauchery is not going to affect the young mind and there has to be some kind of accountability for releasing this to the mainstream public. You cannot play this game and not think about it afterwards! What you see in the games required play through burns into your mind, you will think about it after the fact. The further into the game, the worse it gets.

If I had any idea what was actually in this game, I would never have spent my money on it!

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This is the exact reason they came up with a Game Rating System. Heck! This is the reason they came up with a Movie Rating System! If people want to watch/play it, it's their decision. While some responsibility falls on the game designer to inform the public of the content within their games, some responsibility also falls on the consumer to read reviews and any details about the game in question.

Personally, I don't mind gory, horror movies and quite enjoy some of them. Should they be banned as well or should it be left to the discriminating adult, capable of making his or her own decisions based on the information they've looked up?

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I totally agree with you that's what ratings are for, it seems the line of what falls into the rating categories are being stretched these days.

I did look at game play reviews of the game but what I'm referring to, I didn't see anything about it.



I was just looking at the ERSB website after reading this post and they do list those things in the rating information. I'd post the rating summary but I don't know if it goes against this sites rules (language).

It may be worth checking out there review before purchasing a game.



I think some game developers look at game content like many drivers look at posted speed limits. They'll see just how far/fast they can go without getting busted.

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Thanks WildCard999, I wish I had seen that beforehand!


This. If you don't like it, don't buy it. If enough people are like you and don't buy it, they'll notice the reduced sales, their marketing research will say it's because of too much gore, and their next released game will be tamer. If you're upset about content of a game that wasn't disclosed on the packaging, you can try to return it. Despite many stores having a policy against returns of open games, if you complain loudly enough many of them will take it just to make you go away. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. And if lots of people are trying to return the game for the same reason, the store will pass word up to the game publisher, which will act to rein in the developer on future titles.

Trying to ban it is like making a dare - more developers will try to do what you're trying to ban specifically because you're trying to ban it. Understand that most game devs are in their 20s and fresh out of school, so are still in their rebellious phase and still try to do stuff just to see how many people they can outrage.

Actually there is no package to return for the PC the only option is download from UBI soft.

The ban comment was really just to get a response I know that's not going to happen, I am more curious to todays norm of acceptability, and wondering if it bothers anyone else as well?

The worst thing of all with this game is after you invest all the time it takes to get to the end, you cannot get the satisfaction of killing Joseph Seed the one responsible for it all.

If you don't believe me Google the possible endings to FarCry 5.

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