Where is the [-peep-] dos


Dec 31, 2007
Generally, the same way you did previously ... with a Win98 Startup floppy disk and the BIOS + the Flashing Program on the disk. The DOS? It's on the floppy disk.

Be sure to carefully read the instructions for the correct method of flashing the BIOS on the mainboard manufacturer's website. Some boards even support flashing the BIOS through the web browser ... although that usually makes me kinda nervous.

And two other things:

One ... be sure that you have a backup of the old BIOS before you flash to a newer version. If you are not willing to go to that much trouble ... find someone else competent to do the procedure, and pay them to be paranoid for you.

Two ... It's not advisable to flash the BIOS unless you have a specific problem that only an upgrade can provide. If it ain't broke ...

Don't just flash it because a new version is released. Upgrading a BIOS is a step that should not be taken lightly. This is <i>not</i> like upgrading a video card driver, in the hope of better performance. You can easily render your system dead with a user error.


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